Community News - March 2013


Julia Lawson Leap Award for the Spring Semester 2013


(3/28/13) - On behalf of the Julia Lawson Leap Award Committee, we are pleased to award Jacqueline Henderson, Skyview Unit, with a $500 check that will be in support of her mission to Life-Long Learning and Education.  We are proud that she has committed her educational growth and development within UTMB/CMC.  It is through her perseverance and determination that she has led herself to this point and we can only hope that this award will encourage and support her to finalize her goal in graduation.  We wish her the best of luck and applaud her efforts in her own staff development!  Congratulation Jacqueline on your accomplishments!


Julia Lawson Leap Committee


Woodman Employee of the Quarter

(3/28/13) - Congratulations to Nancy Lorance, LVN on being selected as Woodman Medical’s Employee of the Quarter!


A few notes written about Ms. Lorance:


“She is a very good nurse.”

“She is such a hard worker, always pro-active in getting patients called out for their appointments.”

“She tackles the day full-on with a wicked sense of humor, helping everyone get thru their day, even short staffed.”

“She is thorough and obviously has years of nursing experience.”

“She is always helpful and willing to answer any questions I may have.”

“She is always on the move and working, I never see her sit still.”

“She maintains a positive and professional attitude in the most stressful situations.”

“She shows compassion and treats offenders as her actual patients.”


Thank you Mrs. Lorance for all you do!


(3/26/13) - I want to wish all CMC staff and their families a safe and enjoyable holiday this weekend. I  truly appreciate everyone’s hard work and effort over this past year.  As most of you are aware, Mr. Brad Livingston, the TDCJ Executive Director, has given his staff ½ day administrative leave this Friday, March 29.  We greatly appreciate his generosity and in kind will be providing administrative leave for all CMC employees for that time as well.  This applies to all CMC employees to include TJJD employees.  For those individuals required to work the remainder of the day as part of the skeleton crew, you will be given 4 hours of administrative leave to be used before 8/31/13.


Thanks again for all that you do for our patients and the state.








(3/25/13) - We will be taking a Pharmacy Replacement System (PRS) outage on Tuesday evening (3/26/13) from 10pm-midnight.  This will affect all PRS users for TDCJ, TJJD, and FBOP.


Telehealth Program Fixed

(3/25/2013) - Thank you for your patience while corrections to the video play problems were being made to the TH-4 Telehealth Specialty Care (Print, Reconcile Appts).  If you were unable to view the program, please try again and let us know if you encounter any further problems.  If you still cannot view the program please send an email to  and include your contact information and facility name.



** Upcoming Educational Lunch and Learn Program ** - (3/25/13)

Sponsored by:  UTMB CMC Virology Department & TEXAS/OKLAHOMA AIDS  

                                            EDUCATION AND TRAINING CENTER


** CEUs have been approved for: CME, CNE and Pharmacy **


Date:  April 10, 2013


Time:  12:00 pm to 1:00 pm


Title:   CROI Update – from 2013 Conference

The 2013 Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI) is a scientifically focused meeting of the world’s leading researchers working to understand, prevent, and treat HIV/AIDS and its complications. The goal of CROI is to provide a forum for translating laboratory and clinical research into progress against the AIDS epidemic. Over 4,000 leading researchers and clinicians from around the world convene in a different location each year for the Conference. 


Speaker:  Philip Keiser, MD

Dr. Keiser primary interest is in the care and treatment of HIV and its related infections. He has been actively treating HIV infected individuals for over 20 years. He is the Chairman of the Texas AIDS Drug Assistance Program Advisory Dr. Keiser has been actively involved in HIV clinical research and has been an investigator in over 50 clinical trials. Since 2006, Dr. Keiser has been involved in the U.S. President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief and has been involved in HIV clinical care, teaching and research in Kenya. He has an active clinical research program that is centered on the outcomes of patients treated with anti-retroviral medications in Central Kenya.


Format:  Levin Hall in Galveston & TeleHealth


Program Overview The presentation will provide a summary of the Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI) 2013.This is a leading scientific conference that provides cutting edge data to assist clinicians who treat HIV/AIDS. This year's conference will provide relevant data on when to start antiretroviral therapy, the latest on drugs in development, antiretroviral strategy, treatment management for co-morbidities, and methods for the prevention of HIV infection.


Please join us either at Levin Hall in Galveston, via Electronic Health Network (DMS), or the internet for non-UTMB employees, for an interactive presentation.


 Click here to see flyer for RSVP Instructions.



Welcome To Correctional Managed Care


(3/22/13) - Please join us in welcoming our newest employees to Correctional Managed Care Region II – Palestine.

L-R:  Ariel Jones, CMA, Skyview; Kenneth Bain, LVN, Skyview; Maria Waller, Dental Assistant, Beto.


Please welcome the following new employees to UTMB CMC Region 1 (Gatesville)


L to R:  Mai Vu - Mental Health Clinician at Murray Unit, Deborah Schumann - LVN at the Hughes Unit, Sandy Frosch - LVN at the Hobby Unit and Cairoshell Engleton - LVN at the Crain Unit.



Please join the Huntsville Area (Region 2) in welcoming the following employees to the exciting world of Correctional Managed Care. Front Row L-R – John Tyre, LVN/Wynne, Sonie Mangum, Coordinator I/Health Services and Regina McWilliams, CCA/Estelle. Back Row L-R – Ashton Ballard, PCT I/Estelle, Donn Aaron, Dental Assistant/Eastham, Denise Jones, LVN/Holliday, Karisma Caicedo-Battles, Stores Clerk II (p/t)/Estelle, Dominique Finley, CMA/Holliday and Rachel Johnson, PCT I/Estelle.


New employees in the Houston Area.

(L-R) Ashley Wallace, Correctional Clinical Associate for CT Terrell, Drizanne Guda, Mental Health Case Manager for Clemens, Kimberly Keith, Phlebotomist II for Darrington and Bonita McClellan, Phlebotomist II for Pam Lychner



Please help us welcome our March 11, 2013 new hires for Region I (Beeville) to UTMB-Correctional Managed Care!   Eduardo Martinez-LVN/Willacy;  Elma Sandate-CMA/Briscoe;  Lori Brady-CMA Lockhart;  Laura Price-CMA/McConnell;  Sandy Obregon-CCA/Briscoe. 



Q&A From Reminder Import Proceess Training Sessions    (3/21/13)

  Click Here to review the Reminder Import Process Questions and Answers from training 3/19/13. 

Click Here to review the Reminder Import Process Questions and Answers from training 3/21/13.


PeopleSoft HCM System Upgrade/New Paycheck View


(3/20/13) - PeopleSoft HCM is scheduled for an extended outage Friday, March 22, at noon until Tuesday, March 26, at 7 AM to complete the 9.1 system upgrade.


For your convenience, please see the HR Website announcement regarding this upgrade.


New Paycheck View


Upon completion of the upgrade, an employee will log into Employee Self Service to see a new look to the paycheck. 


·        All PeopleSoft issued paychecks will be available to view.  However, paychecks created for Calendar year 2012 and forward will have a PDF view. 



·        Only paychecks older than Jan 1, 2012 will have the online view. The PDF view is no longer available on these checks.


Job Aid


To transition the employees in the upgrade, a job aid was created to assist them with the location and paycheck view.




(3/20/13) - Another session to demonstrate the Reminders Import Process will be offered.  As the Pearl point of contact, please distribute this information to anyone who needs to attend.  Please review the attached training document prior to attending the meeting. Click Here for attachment

Date/Time:  Thursday, March 21, 2013 at 9:30 a.m.

To hear the audio, call Dial-in Number: 1-605-475-5950
The Participant Access Code is: 454670.

To view the demonstration type this URL in your Internet Explorer search field:

Please DO NOT announce your name when you join the call.  Please put your phone on mute by dialing *6 if you do not have a mute button.  Please call in about 5 minutes early so we can start the meeting at 9:30.


Region III, Wallace Pack, Employee of the Month

(3/20/13) - Please congratulate Ms. Kimberly Peterson, Correctional Clinical Associate at the Pack Facility. Ms. Peterson has increased her staff development by her recent assignment to inpatient meetings.  She also is a great pleasure to work with, as she always has a smile beaming on her face.  Ms. Peterson is willing to go the extra mile and learn new duties and challenge herself at new tasks.  Regardless of her experience in the system, she does not become stagnant.  Thank you Kim for being such a motivation to others!

Going Above & Beyond

(3/20/13) - Last week, a patient at Lychner State Jail was gassed in the late afternoon after he attempted to hang himself in the releasing area. It was discovered that the man was to be released on Friday, so getting him a bed at Jester IV was not an option. He was very upset, crying, and stating that someone was going to kill him and that his kids were being taken away. Normal protocol for security would be to simply take this offender downtown and drop him off like they would any other offender releasing, since his time was up. However, Mental Health Clinicians Marnita Chambers and Mary Clarkson indicated that they couldn't just let this man out on the streets of downtown Houston after a suicide attempt. So, they called the NeuroPsychiatric Center (NPC) and asked some questions. They were told that if the man would voluntarily admit himself, then the corrections staff could drop him off at NPC.  Ms. Chambers and Ms. Clarkson spoke to the patient and he was agreeable to the voluntary admission, so they talked to the Warden and Captain, who were also agreeable to taking this man to NPC instead of dropping him off downtown as normal. So, thanks to the caring and hard work of Ms. Chambers and Ms. Clarkson, this patient was taken to NPC on Friday by correctional officers (this was verified by the Captain Monday morning) and is, hopefully, getting the help he needs. We appreciate these two dedicated clinicians for going above and beyond to help this patient and we are proud to have them on the Region 3 Mental Health Team!


Willacy State Jail CCA Monica Lopez is fulfilling her Nursing Dream

(3/20/13) - Monica Lopez at the Willacy State Jail in Raymondville TX is on track to fulfilling her childhood dream of becoming a Registered Nurse. She knew she wanted to become a nurse when she was taking care of her grandmother who raised her. Ms. Lopez started with UTMB in 2000 at the Darrington Unit. She worked at the Terrell Unit, Ramsey I, and the Stringfellow Unit in various Administrative positions through 2007. Her husband had been in Iraq for a year and a half and they decided to move closer to family in the Valley for additional support with their 5 children. She started taking prerequisite classes for RN at the local college and when a position opened at the Willacy Unit, she applied and became a CCA once again in September 2008. She continued to go to school part time until she had all the classes necessary for applying to nursing school. She was accepted into the LVN to RN progressive track at South Texas College which means you achieve your LVN license first and you go straight into the RN without having to apply. She also applied for the NEPP grant with UTMB so she could continue working and going to school. She was accepted for the grant and was able to accomplish her dream of becoming a nurse. Ms. Lopez has filled an LVN position recently at the Willacy Unit and says she is very thankful for the full support of her family and coworkers as she continues to pursue her dream of becoming an RN. The Willacy Unit staff is proud of Ms. Lopez’s accomplishments and wishes her well in her future endeavors.


World Oral Health Day

(3/19/13) - World Oral Health Day is March 20th.   The theme this year is “Healthy Teeth for Healthy Life”.  The World Dental Federation celebrates this day around the world as a time to raise awareness and encourage individuals, families, communities and governments to take measures to lower the incidence of oral disease.  The first line of defense lies with the individual through prevention, especially good brushing and flossing habits and regular dental check-ups.  In many countries the burden of oral disease and its devastating cost to families and societies is still underestimated.  Oral diseases are among the most common chronic diseases.  According the Centers for Disease Control, as reported in September of 2012, one out of every two American adults or 64.7 million people aged 30 and over has periodontal disease.  Worldwide, 90% of the population is at risk from some form of dental disorder, ranging from caries and periodontal disease to oral cancer.



(3/19/13) - We would like to thank everyone for participating in our Reminder Import Process demonstrations the last few days.  As requested, the questions and answers from the chat window during the session held 3/19/13 are attached.  They are also posted on the CMCWEB homepage and the HELP page on CMCWEB. 


Once the dust settles on importing reminders, we will be working to implement our next major change that should make everyone's job much easier.  That will be the elimination of registering and discharging the patient every time they are seen.


As the Pearl Point of Contact for your facility, please distribute this information to all staff.

Q & A Handout



Health Information Professionals Week Touts

“Accurate Data, Excellent Care” During 24th Annual Celebration

 HIP Week March 17 23, 2013


(3/18/13) - The American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) will honor and celebrate health information professionals during the 24th annual Health Information Professionals (HIP) Week March 17-23, 2013. This year’s theme is “Accurate Data, Excellent Care.”


“Health information management (HIM) professionals are a critical linchpin in our healthcare system, and the American Health Information Management Association is proud to recognize the contributions of these individuals,” said AHIMA CEO Lynne Thomas Gordon, MBA, RHIA, CAE, FACHE, FAHIMA. “Our hope is Health Information Professionals Week will increase awareness of the vital role HIM professionals play in the success and efficiency of our healthcare system landscape.”  


HIP Week 2013 will coincide with AHIMA’s Hill Day, an event where AHIMA members visit Capitol Hill and share the importance of advancing HIM. Data governance, privacy and security, and fraud and abuse concerns continue to be key issues for HIM professionals, and AHIMA is ready to provide guidance to HIM workers, consumers, and government leaders seeking counsel.


“As new technology and policies evolve, HIM professionals’ jobs have drastically changed over time, and they must adapt their skill set to ensure the best patient care and safety,” said Ms. Thomas Gordon. “?Accurate Data, Excellent Care’ is not only a theme we recognize during this specific week, but one that is at the forefront of our daily work.”


Keeping data accurate and secure, while using it as an analytic tool, is one of the biggest challenges healthcare organizations face. While HIP Week acknowledges the past accomplishments of HIM professionals, future endeavors to properly use this data, as it exponentially grows over time, is equally recognized as it will shape future improvements in our healthcare system.


To provide greater public outreach for HIP Week, AHIMA will again partner with the Canadian Health Information Management Association to promote the shared goals of both organizations.



Representing more than 65,000 specially educated HIM professionals in the United States and around the world, the American Health Information Management Association is committed to promoting and advocating for high quality research, best practices, and effective standards in health information, and to actively contributing to the development and advancement of health information professionals worldwide. AHIMA’s enduring goal is quality healthcare through quality information.


Click to view the Article - Getting Serious About Information Governance


Click to view the PowerPoint Presentation - A Primer on Health Information Governance


Special thanks to Mickey Bourdeau, Doug Vincent and everyone behind the scenes that has made our EMR what it is today!



Reminders Import Process Training Information


(3/18/13) - Below is the info for the session this week.


Date: Tuesday 3/19/2013


Time: 2:00 PM


To hear the audio call the Dial-in Number: 1-857-232-0300 The Participant Access Code is: 454670#.


To see the demonstration connect to the webex, enter the following URL in the IE address bar:


Click here to review the Reminder Import Process






(3/18/13) - We have had several requests for another demonstration of the Reminders Import Process.  Below is the information for the session scheduled March 19, 2013.  Remember, you must call in to hear the audio and connect to the website to see the demo. 


When connecting on the call, please DO NOT announce your name even though you are prompted to announce yourself.  Also, please call in 5 minutes before 2:00 so everyone is connected before we start.


Below is the info for the session next week.


Please Call Dial-in Number: 1-857-232-0300


The Participant Access Code is: 454670#.


To connect to the video, enter the following URL in the IE address bar:


We want to thank everyone for the excellent participation we had during the sessions Thursday and Friday.


Employee Advisory Council Hosts Engage and Chat at Dominguez Unit

(3/18/13) - Employee Advisory Council (EAC) representatives including Gerald Cleveland, Janet Gonzalez, Denee’ Robison and EAC advisor Doug Stark visited the Dominguez State Jail in San Antonio on March 6, 2013.  Attendees included nursing, laboratory, dental, and administrative staff from Dominguez and nearby facilities – Dolph Briscoe, Cotulla, Kyle, Lockhart, Travis, Torres & Ney.  There was discussion on the purpose of the Engage and Chat initiative, EAC membership and role, communication with EAC, how to get involved with the EAC, and the Living Well health portal.  The EAC would like to thank all the attendees for their time and we hope that the event encourages staff to communicate with their EAC representatives!  

Back Row, Left to Right: Gerald Cleveland (EAC), Sara Medellin,

Denise Sauceda, Velma Cuevas, Curt Tribble, Doug Stark (EAC),

Scott Reinecke, Craig Claire.

Front Row, Left to Right: Denee' Robison (EAC), Janet Gonzalez (EAC),

Stella Huron, Adelaida Casas, JoGayle Dupre, Nedra Davis,

Melissa Adkinson.



Mondays in March Viewing Options

(3/18/13) - A new live viewing option for Mondays in March (MIM) sessions is available for CMC staff.  Click on the link below, which uses Windows Media Player available on individual desktops.  You may also copy and paste the link in the Internet Explorer address bar.


A video of each session will be posted on the Mondays in March website after the meeting.

The two remaining MIM sessions include the following: 

Monday, March 18
Business and Finance Vision
William R. Elger, CPA, CGMA
Executive Vice President and Chief Business and Finance Officer
Please submit questions by March 11
Monday, March 25
Institutional Vision
David Callender, MD, MBA, FACS
Please submit questions by March 18

All sessions take place from noon to 1:00 pm. Employees are encouraged to submit questions to leadership, which will be addressed as time permits during each session. Questions can be submitted via the Employee Advisory Council web site.



SCOTT and CLEMENS both earn 100% on ACA!!!


(3/18/13) - The Clemens and Scott Units successfully completed their ACA Reaccreditation Audit in February 2013 with flying colors.  The units split the week with ACA audit activities, and had a bit of a friendly competition going between which unit could WOW the auditors the most.  Due to the excellent preparation and team effort by all disciplines on both units, Clemens and Scott were able to achieve 100% on all applicable standards.  Barbara Dennison, the ACA auditor reviewing medical standards, complimented both facilities on their efficiency and the friendly nature she saw while visiting.


Despite staff inquires, Ms. Dennison would not say which unit she enjoyed the most, nor would she make a determination which was better, Scott and Clemens!  Both facilities enjoyed a successful and educational audit process, even if a friendly competition was not resolved.


We would like to thank our TDCJ Facility Leadership for their support in making this team effort a success, and we would like to acknowledge ALL the Scott and Clemens Unit medical staff for their tireless effort.  Additionally, we would like to thank Julia Pena, CCA, Natalie Gray, CCA, and Gaye Knight, PCA who worked diligently on both facilities to insure we achieved our goal of 100%.


Great work team!



Human Resources Professionals Week


(3/15/13) - The week of March 17-23, 2013 has been designated by the American Society of Healthcare Human Resources Administration (ASHHRA) to recognize human resources professionals in hospitals and non-hospital organizations across the nation.  Please make time during this week to express your appreciation of our CMC Human Resources staff.






(3/13/13) - There will be two training sessions via conference call and webex held this week for the Reminders Import Process.  They will be the same information so users will only need to attend either Thursday or Friday.  Both sessions start at 9:30 a.m.


For anyone participating in the conference call and webex demonstrations this week, please follow these guidelines:

1.      To hear the audio, you will need to call the conference # 1-605-475-5950 then enter the access code 454670#.

2.      We have 100 lines reserved so it is very important to try to dial in about 5 minutes early so we won’t have 100 chimes dinging after we start the demo. 

3.      DO NOT announce yourself.  Even though you will be prompted to announce yourself, please remain silent and put your phone on mute.  Please keep your phone on mute during the call.

4.      Connect to the webex by going to the following Adobe Connect link: When connecting to the adobe connect sign in as a GUEST  Test it today in case you need the flash player installed.  If you do, contact the helpdesk with your IP address and they can install it for you.

5.      If you have questions during the demo, please type them in the chat box on the webex.  We will allow time at the end for questions via the phone.


Since there are several people on vacation this week, another session can be setup next week, if needed.

Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.





(3/13/13) - The Reminder Import Process will become active in TDCJ and TJJD with the deployment of Patch 16 Sunday, March 17, 2013.


There will be several changes that will affect the facility processes for chain in and chain out of offenders.


1.      As of Friday, 3/15/2013, staff should NOT delete pending reminders for patients chaining OUT.

2.      As of Monday, 3/18/2013, the TRANS-CHAIN OUT REMINDERS document will be removed because it is no longer necessary.

3.      After the patient has been data converted and has physically arrived at the receiving facility, the pending outpatient reminders from other facilities can be imported to the new facility.  See attached document for details.

4.      After clicking the IMPORT button, a REMINDER IMPORT LOG will be available in the patient’s chart.  The Reminder Import Log will list the reminders that could not be imported and have been deleted (labs, x-rays, appointments), reminders that were imported, and reminders that were neither imported or deleted (Telehealth reminders at HG and CMC.)  This document will be helpful to staff in all disciplines during the Chain In process.


Please be sure all staff are aware of this new option and reviews the attached documentation.


There will be a conference call and webex demo on Thursday and Friday mornings at 9:30 for anyone who would like to attend.


Please Call Dial-in Number: 1-605-475-5950

The Participant Access Code is: 454670

Adobe Connect:


If additional demonstrations are needed, please send your request to




Happy Dental Assistant Recognition Week! (March 3-9, 2013)


(3/12/13) - It's time to recognize and thank the people in our dental practices who help make it run so smoothly. What better time to thank Dental Assistants for the important role they play in patient care, than by honoring them nationally during Dental Assistant Recognition Week? Pam Lychner State Jail would like to recognize their hard working Registered Dental Assistants in honor of DAR Week last week! Ms. Juan has been at Lychner going on 13 years and is always the go-to person for Dental needs. Ms. Grays began working with us only 2 months ago but has a wealth of knowledge that helps contribute to the successful operation of the clinic. These two ladies are go-getters and we are very lucky to have them on our team! Thanks for the jobs you do!

Pictured left to right: Sharon Grays, RDA;

Denae Juan, RDA



Pam Lychner and Joe Kegans State Jail  Employee of the Month


(3/12/13) - Pam Lychner and Joe Kegans State Jail would like to recognize Mr. Leonard Cowden, PA for being selected as the Employee of the Month for February.  Mr. Cowden came on board with us only 6 months ago but has shown exemplary work and performance over and beyond what is expected of him. He is here every day and gets to know all the patients and staff. Mr. Cowden is not afraid to learn something new and is a very dedicated person. Congratulations Mr. Cowden!





(3/12/13) - Patch 16 is scheduled for deployment to TDCJ and TJJD Pearl EMR Sunday night March 17, 2013. In addition to the list of fixes below, one of the most frequently requested enhancements will be included in this patch - the Reminder Import Process - allows receiving UOA facilities to move most existing reminders from the sending facility to the new UOA and eliminates the need for Chain Out Reminder deletions.  Details and training documentation will be sent to all users this week.  


List of fixes in Patch 16: 
 1.  Patient Alert Notes – now follow the patient regardless of facility
 2.  Notebuilder Module –
      a.    Will limit the user’s ability to move the screen and access what is behind it.
      b.    added menu items for Full Lab Grid, Forms and Problems
      c.    modified menu item by renaming Problem Trees to Decision Trees
 3.  KOP not recommended – make banner in meds and patient alert follow patient to new UOA. Will make this non-facility specific
 4.  Reminders – all Reminders can be
      a.    seen by new UOA no matter where it was created
      b.    new UOA can import most Reminders
      c.    all deleted/imported reminders automatically document in the chart on the Reminder Import Log
 5.  Reminders will be deleted automatically when an inmate is released or deceased using specific TDCJ Mainframe D codes.
 6.  BMI Insert Tag– will now calculate using the last height, if a new height is not entered. (TDCJ & TJJD)
 7.  Email Templates – correct problem of templates bringing in wrong patient data when an insert tag is in the response template
 8.  Adding drug allergies has been made easier.

9.  Admin Reminders – The default From/To date range now defaults to 1 year
10. Problems – Changed the limit on the Proposed Inactive Date to 1 year
11. Insurance - PEARL now auto-accepts insurance from other facilities.

12. Chart Completion - If two users are trying to access the same document at the same time, a warning will pop-up to tell them that the document is in use.



Upcoming Educational Lunch and Learn Program - (3/11/13)


Sponsored by:  UTMB CMC Virology Department & TEXAS/OKLAHOMA AIDS  

                                            EDUCATION AND TRAINING CENTER


Date:   March 21, 2013


Time:  12:00 pm to 1:00 pm


Title:   Psychosocial Aspects of HIV in an HIV Dedicated Dental Clinic: A Historical 



Speaker:  Mark Nichols, DDS


Format:  Levin Hall in Galveston, DMS and/or Internet/Intranet


Program Overview Throughout the AIDS epidemic HIV infection as disproportionally affected impoverished, vulnerable or marginalized persons and placed extreme psychosocial burdens on them. Some of these psychosocial burdens, such as depression and dementia can be considered co-morbidities of their disease. Many times these patients may bring these burdens with them to their healthcare visits, including dental visits and force the staff to deal with them in some fashion. These burdens may include extreme fear and anxiety, extreme denial, depression, poor self -image issues, stigmatizations, suicidal issues, and end of life issues. This presentation will describe how, over the course of the AIDS epidemic, these issues presented at an HIV dedicated dental clinic in Houston and how complex it may be for non-mental healthcare worker to deal or manage these issues. “Photographs of Art will be used to help the participant focus on the issues being presented.” By the end of the presentation the participant will be able to 1. describe three psychosocial issues related to HIV that have presented in an outpatient ambulatory dental clinic, 2. explain the impact of these oral manifestations on the patient living with HIV and their disease process, and 3. discuss how the psychosocial issues related to the patients’ oral manifestations affect the HIV treaters’ management of their patients’ HIV disease.


Please join us either at Levin Hall in Galveston, via Electronic Health Network (DMS), or the internet for non-UTMB employees, for an interactive presentation.


 Click here to see flyer for RSVP Instructions.



Skyview and Hodge Celebrated the Employee’s of the Year


(3/11/13) - A celebration was held on March 5th at Skyview/Hodge A Control to honor staff recognized by security, their peers and patients in 2012.  A total of 105 people were recognized throughout the year; 34 of those were security and TDCJ staff and 71 were UTMB staff.  Those that were nominated for Employee of the Month were placed on the ballot for Employee of the Year and three were elected.  The party was complete with a celebratory cake and soft drinks. 


Bags of mints were handed out to honor the past employee of the month winners to thank them for their Commit ‘mint’, Involve ‘mint’ and Encourage ‘mint’.




Past winners for Employee of the Month were recognized.  Those pictured:

Back Row: Tracy Session, Yvonne Goff, Christina Moore, Tess Allbright

Front Row: Roy Tonai, Cookie Selman, Nancy Davenport, Mary Ann Selman, Nancy Curtis

Missing: Dixie Titus, Barry Deckard, Bill Hardy, Brenda Saddler, Deanna Pearson, Dr. Monte Smith, Jacqueline Henderson, Judy Nichols, Darren Kring, Bob Russell and Mark Lemon


Hodge Employee of the Year for 2012: Yvonne Goff, LVN – CID


Last week, I had to be out unexpectedly.  She assumed my duties on her own without being asked to just help me out.  She gave my shots and ppds and did some admissions for me.  Whatever she saw that needed to be done she did it.  This is such a difficult time for my family and I know she did it just to show she cares, not to get recognized, but this kind of devotion to co-workers deserves recognition. 


Skyview voting resulted in a tie for 2012:  Tracy Session, LVN and Tess Allbright, LVN


They are EXTREMELY professional, knowledgeable and capable.  They are able to handle any situation with poise and grace – from trimming toenails to life saving measures and everything in between.  They have worked DSC for many years and have done a better job that anyone could ever do.  The level of care they have given and the teamwork they have exhibited is second to none.  They are being moved out of DSC, for reasons beyond the control of anyone at this unit.  They will truly be missed by the administration staff, medical staff, security staff and most of all the offenders that they have cared for, treated and tended to for so many years.  Thank you.  In a position that most would do the bare minimum, you have not only gone above and beyond, but set a standard of care that cannot be matched. 


Those recognized for Employee of the Year 2012 received certificates and a home movie package that included movie candy, popcorn and movie rentals presented to them in their own TDCJ approved lunch bag.




Robin Rigsby, R&R Committee, Yvonne Goff, LVN-CID EOY 2012 Hodge, Tess Allbright, LVN EOY 2012 Skyview and Tracy Session, LVN EOY 2012 Skyview, Angie Shaw, R&R Committee




Therapets bring smiles, therapy

by Quinten Boyd, Staff Writer, Cherokeean Herald


(3/7/13) - On the grounds of Rusk’s Skyview/Hodge units Feb. 15, offenders walked from a common area to lunch with smiles on their faces.  The rest of the day would be as it normally was for them, with their time and activities tightly regimented.  However, for a brief moment, they were transformed into kids again, all thanks to Jax, Maverick, Mr. Kato, Allie, Elvis, Cookie and Cuddles-six dogs and a bird. 


The animals provide a service-not only to the inmates of Skyview/Hodge, but to patients of area hospitals, asthma and diabetes camps and area schools-one that serves as both therapy and fun for all involved.  The Therapet group, based out of Tyler, focuses on Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT), which utilizes animals for therapeutic purposes in order to facilitate healing and rehabilitation of patients with acute and chronic diseases. 


“There have been scientific studies done about the contact between pets and humans,” said Dr. Michael Banks, a Jacksonville dentist who is a volunteer with the groups.  “When humans are around their animals, there’s a change in the hormones and a shared trust factor between them and the animal.  It’s almost a physiological type of response.  This is what we’re trying to do with Therapets.”  Therapets have currently been used in AAT at Trinity Mother Frances rehabilitation hospital in Tyler, ETMC locations in Tyler and Jacksonville, the University of Texas Health Science Center, the Reading Education Assistance Dogs (READ) program in Beckville and at All Saints Episcopal School in Tyler, the Wayne D. Boshears Center for Exceptional Programs in Tyler and the Children’s Advocacy Centers of Smith, Cherokee and Anderson counties and has done work with Patriot Paws.  The program also offers visitation programs to interested parties, where the animals are brought in to socialize.  Currently, there are 80 dogs, five cats and a bird as part of the program.  Horses and rabbits are also used in AAT programs, but most Therapets are of the canine or feline variety.  The group has more than 130 volunteers from across East Texas who put in 12,000 volunteer hours per year, though not all of them have animals.  Those who do willingly share their pets with others, including Dr. Banks, who uses his dog, Jax, a bichon frise, in the program.  “We’re all unselfish,” Dr. Banks said.  “None of us mind sharing with others.  We’re all from different walks of life, but we’re brought together by our pets.”


Training and Temperament

Before a pet can take part in the program, they are trained for a year under guidelines set by the American Kennel Society.

Each animal has to have the right temperament and take three obedience classes, learn the necessary commands then train for seven weeks in a hospital environment.  They are also given veterinary screenings.  The Therapet website ( describes temperament as “an animal’s natural or instinctive behavior-the innate way an animal will respond when stressed.”  The animals are temperament tested to make sure they reach in “a safe, predictable way” in therapy sessions.  “Our animals are used at rehab hospitals, on the table with the patients,” Dr. Banks said.


“They’re used for verbal and repetition tests.  Doctors will also ask questions to stimulate medical responses from the patients.  The animal has to be prepared for that.”  The pets are also used in visitation programs, where the inhabitants socialize with the animals, such as the even at Skyview/Hodge last week. 


“We walked into the room to a round of applause,” Dr. Banks said of the Skyview/Hodge visit.  “That was great to see.  At the end, they (inmates) came up to us and thanked us for coming.  They couldn’t stop smiling.”


Mutually beneficial visit

The visit was beneficial to not only the inmates, but to the workers as well.  “It’s almost therapy for the inmates,” said Shane Hanson, activities case manager for Skyview/Hodge.  “They were all very excited.  Plus, many of our workers were more than happy to see these animals.  I think it brightened the mood.” 


Skyview/Hodge is entering into a program with Therapets where inmates will create capes for the dogs to wear during sessions, as well as bandanas to be sold on the Therapets website.  Dr. Banks said most of Therapet’s income comes from product sales, including the capes and bandanas and dog food.  “We’re happy to work with TDCJ and we’re glad that they’ll be making the capes and bandanas,” he said.  “It’s mutually beneficial for the program and for TDCJ.”


“We have individuals who are very talented at drawing, sewing and other craft projects,” Ms. Hanson said.  “We want to do more projects in the community, and we’re happy that Therapets is entering this partnership with us.  “We just want people to know that we’re here to help if needed, and the program is good for our inmates and, hopefully, for the community.”  The program will hold their annual banquet, “Therapet Unleashed” on Sept. 14 in Tyler, to honor their pets, volunteers and donors.  “That’s our big fundraiser,” Dr. Banks said.  “We do get grants and have a direct mail campaign.  We pay our own vet bills and feed and take care of our own animals.  We work on a budget of about $120,000 per year.  “Our entire existence is by donation, and people have been very good to us.  We just want to get the word out about what we do.”


Ready for a Nap

For their parts, the animals were troopers, happily walking from person to person, accepting the love and adulation they normally receive on a visit.  Maverick, an Australian Labradoodle, sniffed every hand before accepting loving pats.  Allie, a French bulldog, happily stood on her hind legs and accepted treats.  Mr. Kato, a flat-coat retriever, showed off his new bandana as he walked from person to person. 


After the first meetings with the male inmates, the animals and their owners took the time to rest and relax.  Maverick and Mr. Kato, two of the “old guard,” rested in the conference room, falling asleep within minutes.  Only Allie and Cuddles, two of the younger animals of the group, stayed up, ready for their meeting with the female inmates.  “They all love what they do, but they’re all ready for a nap when the sessions are over.” Dr. Banks said.  “We learn where the pets are comfortable.  Some are better at therapy than visitation and vice versa.”


A “big event” that’s ‘something special’

Dr. Banks said that every visit leads to something special, even if it’s a small joy.  “The animals will go to intensive care as well as clinical care situations.” Dr. Banks said.  “It’s always a set-up for something special to happen.  “I’ve seen coma patients have a dog near them and start to rub it.  Patients who haven’t spoken in a while will start to talk.” 


Jane Noble, the mental activities supervisor for Skyview/Hodge, said the experience touched everyone at the units.  “Not everyone gets to take part; they have to be a level three or four inmate to take part,” she said.  “Those that do end up talking about it for week.  They get to send cards (Therapet gives out trading cards of each of the animals) to their families and share that experience with them.  IT’s a big event.” 


As the clock struck 11, the animals began to stir, rising from their naps to go meet with the female inmates.  The animals walked with a hop in their step, prepared to bring happiness.  “We always have people who say that the visit makes them miss their pet,” Dr. Banks Said.  “There’s always something to the visit that touches the heart and promotes that feeling of healing. “We hear from patients and places we’ve visited who say how much this means to them, and we’re happy to do it.” 


For more information on Therapet, visit their website at or mail to Therapet Foundation, P.O. Box 130118, Tyler, TX 75713. 

The Lifestyle Changes Program at Jester 3 is now one year old! 

(3/7/13) - Led by Nancy Campbell, Radiology Technician at Jester 3, the offenders are doing an amazing job.  With the continued support of Senior Practice Manager, Susan Dostal, and Sr. Warden Hudspeth, the program has been an overwhelming success.   

We were honored to have Stephen Smock, Associate VP of Outpatient Services, Jason Chavers, Region 3 Operations Manager, Tonya Campbell, Region 3 Sr. Mental Health Manager ,  Dr.Tawana Smith, Medical Director of the Jester Units, Susan Dostal, and Rabiah Shabazz, Mental Health Manager of the Jester Units, visit the program while it was in operation on Monday, February 25.  Mr. Smock spoke to the program participants and encouraged them to continue to work to reach their goals.  In addition, he expressed his admiration that they are doing something to benefit themselves.   Since the program’s inception on February 25, 2012, the men have lost a combined weight of over 690 lbs and although we lose members due to parole, change in units of assignment, or lack of true interest in a healthier lifestyle, there is still a waiting list to join.

Since the posting in October, one of the members has reached his goal weight and now leads 4-6 other members in a 30-45 minute cardio class the three days a week that we meet.  One member has lost 24 lbs, at least one pound per week since he joined.  He never misses a session and works diligently to keep losing.  He and a newer member (who has lost 16 lbs in 4 weeks) have developed a team routine using 2 stair steps that they march up and down to cardio music, which ranges from 135-140 beats per minute.  Then they speed walk several laps in the gym and return to the stairs.  It has really worked for them!

There are also some older men with physical disabilities, or other medical issues, such as stroke, hypertension, Parkinson’s, etc. that haven’t lost as much weight, but have improved their health by walking in this program.

The hardest mentality to change in these men has been with the use of weights.  When trying to lose weight they should use light weights with more repetitions.  Most of the men just want to lift as they have in the past, which doesn’t increase their cardiovascular activity, but with some education, they are now starting to see results of changing those habits.

Just one example UTMB and TDCJ working together to improve the life of the patient population!


Online Telehealth Training Now Available


(3/6/13) - Effective March 6, 2013, the mandatory training for CMC staff assigned as Telehealth schedulers (for DMS/VCL appointments) and Telehealth presenters will be available on the Computer Learning Portal (CLP).   To access the CLP from the CMCHOME page, click on STAFF TRAINING AND OFFENDER EDUCATION in the left margin, and then click CLP (Computer Learning Portal).


You will need to view these courses from a computer with external speakers or use head/earphones. The courses should be completed in the following order:

TH 1-Introduction to Telehealth and Specialty Care In Correctional Managed Care


TH 2-Telehealth Specialty Care (Entering Referrals in FORVUS)


TH 3-Telehealth Specialty Care (Tracking Referrals)


TH 4-Telehealth Specialty Care (How to Print and Reconcile Appointments)


TH 5-Telehealth Specialty Care (Creating/Cancelling Appointments)


TH 6-Telehealth Specialty Care (Final Disposition of a Refusal or No Show)


TH 7-Telehealth Specialty Care (Presenter Duties)  (available mid March)


In State Travel with Overnight Stay

(3/6/13) - Effective immediately, CMC will be utilizing the rates of $77 lodging / $46 meals payable for all in State overnight travel locations not listed with an exception rate. Exceptions are the in State destination cities, or counties, identified in the Federal Government's GSA web site found at:


As always, you may apply some of the meal allowance towards your lodging expense, however available lodging allowance can’t be applied to increase meal allowance maximums.


As published by the State Comptroller, an employee must claim the actual expenses incurred for meals and lodging not to exceed the maximum allowable rates. The maximum should not be claimed unless the actual expenditures equal or exceed the maximum allowable rate.


March 5, 2013

Steve Alderman

Executive Director Finance - CMC



Region III, J.W. Hamilton Jr. Facility


(3/5/13) - The J.W. Hamilton, Jr. Facility proudly announces Lisa Ford, Correctional Clinical Associate for the month of February.  Lisa has a vast knowledge of information, is always quick to help resolve problems, and provides a sense of priority to get the job done.  We appreciate Lisa being available to all disciplines and encouraging Employee Team Building by participating or coordinating activities for the department.  Lisa we are so happy that you are a part of the Hamilton Facility Team!




Welcome to Correctional Managed Care


(3/5/13) - Please join UTMB Region I (Beeville) in welcoming our February 25, 2013 new hires to UTMB -CMC. 


Left to right: Robin Ellerbee/Nurse Clinician III – Garza Unit; Stacy Preiss/Phlebotomist II – Garza Unit; Bo/Phlebotomist II – McConnell Unit. 



CLP Updates/Changes


CLP Facility Reports

(1-3-12) - Please log-in to the Computer Learning Portal (CLP) and select "Update My Account." 

Your facility name MUST be listed in the "Unit Name" location.   If it is not listed, your records will not show up

when the Manager runs your Facility Report.   Please take a few minutes to log in, and update your account!


CLP - Logging in with your email address?

(1-3-12) - If you use your email address to log into the Computer Learning Portal (CLP), please send an email with your employee# to  She will re-configure your CLP account so that you can log-in using your employee # and password.  This is very important when tracking your CE hours.  Thank you!