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Community News

Easter Holiday

(4/17/14) -  Mr. Livingston has closed all departments within the agency for a half day on Friday, April 18, 2014. UTMB CMC is following this directive in recognition of everyone’s hard work. All administrative offices will close at 12:00 and skeleton crew staffing will be in effect for all TDCJ facilities. I hope each of you and your families have a safe and happy holiday weekend.  

Special instructions for time reporting will be sent under a separate message to unit/department timekeepers from HR.



Pharmacy Operating Hours - Holiday skeleton crew (REMINDER)

(4/14/14) -  Please note that the Pharmacy will close early (4:30pm) and will only be running a skeleton crew on April 21, 2014 in observance of the San Jacinto holiday.  Facility staff should review floor stock supplies in advance of the holiday and order accordingly.  New prescriptions should be entered into the EMR and non-formulary requests should be submitted as early as possible during the day. Delivery delays may occur for new prescriptions.  If urgent assistance is needed, the on-call pharmacist may be reached for recommendations at 936-436-2093.  
Thank you.

Region III, Wallace Pack/O.L. Luther/J.W. Hamilton

(4/17/14) -  Dental Hygienist Week hit and we celebrated with Ms. Janet Myers, Dental Hygienist.  Again the Dental personnel cannot get enough of an ice cream social.  This time, special selection of Happy Tracks, Italian Cream Cake, Neapolitan, and Springtime Chocolate Morsels made our mouths water!  Thanks to Janet, we got our sugar rush once more.  We are so delighted that Janet joined our family a few years ago.  She has been a sheer delight and always has a smile on her face.  We want to tell her how much we appreciate her and are glad to have her to be a part of our family!  Have a wonderful week Janet, you deserve it!

Welcome to Correctional Managed Care

Click here to see the new hires that recently completed Orientation!

Occupational Therapy Month 2014

(4/15/14) -  For the month of April, the American Occupational Therapy Association promotes the role that Occupational Therapy plays in the lives of people by helping them to prevent or live better with injury, illness or disability. Occupational Therapists’ (OT’s) deliver vital healthcare services that enhance the well being of patients from all walks of life.  Please join in recognizing the talent and efforts of our outstanding team of OT’s:

Ms. Nealy – Estelle Unit
Ms. Dibble – Jester III Unit
Ms. Kimball – Murray Unit

You can learn more about Occupational Therapy by visiting The American Occupational Therapy website @ www.AOTA.ORG

Woodman State Jail - Employee of the Quarter

(4/15/14) -  Congratulations, Ms. Judith Marshall, CMA,  on your selection as Employee of the Quarter, very deserving of this honor!  Ms. Marshall is always pleasant and helpful even under stressful and busy circumstances.  She will work anytime to help out her co-workers when they are short staffed and go out of her way to help complete the day’s work.  If another unit is in need of help, she will willingly help them out.  Ms. Marshall is truly a team player and much appreciated by her co-workers and the entire Management Team!!

Photo:  Left to right, V. Pollard, Senior Practice Manager, J. Marshall, CMA and T. Smith, Cluster Nurse Manager.

Pharmacy Operating Hours - Holiday skeleton crew

(4/14/14) -  Please note that the Pharmacy will close early (4:30pm) and will only be running a skeleton crew on April 21, 2014 in observance of the San Jacinto holiday.  Facility staff should review floor stock supplies in advance of the holiday and order accordingly.  New prescriptions should be entered into the EMR and non-formulary requests should be submitted as early as possible during the day. Delivery delays may occur for new prescriptions.  If urgent assistance is needed, the on-call pharmacist may be reached for recommendations at 936-436-2093.  
Thank you.

Health System Friday Flash Report

(4/14/14) -  A Visit with Offender Care Services Teams at TDCJ Beauford H. Jester Units III & IV

Click here to view the article.

ACA Celebration at Lindsey Unit

(4/14/14) -  Several of the Lindsey Unit medical staff participated in a friendly cooking competition in celebration of the unit scoring 99% and Medical scoring 100% on the recent ACA audit.  Pictured left to right are Lee Ann Damron CCA, winner of the dessert competition with her Easter cake, Sherry Fenter, LVN, with her Mississippi Mud Cake, and Misty Mitchell LVN with her Italian Cream Cake.  Sherry Fenter was the winner of the chili cook off held the same day. The medical department won both competitions and everyone had a great time.


(4/11/14) -  I would like to begin the third installment of our CMC Senior Leadership Update series by wishing everyone a “Happy Income Tax Day.” Hopefully no one has forgotten to file their 2013 taxes, but if you did forget, you better get busy. With that said, let me bring everyone up to speed on some CMC-related matters.

Facility Rounding
By now, many CMC facilities have had visits from senior leaders. As we round, we are encouraging employees to voice their concerns and to offer their ideas for improving our work environment. Staff at several facilities have voiced frustrations about limited access to employee discounts. Towards that end, we are working with both UTMB and UT System representatives to enhance our employees’ access to local and statewide discount programs. Our meeting with university representatives to discuss this effort is scheduled for later this month, and Gary Eubank will be providing more details about this in his May Leadership Update.

Another idea brought forth by staff during rounds at multiple TJJD facilities involves modifying the beginning of the work week to better accommodate scheduling of nursing staff at 24-hour facilities. I’m pleased to tell you that UTMB HR representatives are exploring the feasibility of such a modification, and subsequent updates will follow. Our HR team is also actively reviewing salary data of key CMC job codes to develop an action plan for any compensation issues that need to be addressed. Finally, we have heard several people voice concerns about the slow speed of our EMR system. We have met with Information Technology (IT) leadership and will be archiving EMR records created between 1994 and 2010. This should reduce the time it takes to navigate through the EMR. We expect this undertaking to be completed by the beginning of May.

Our continued commitment to attracting and retaining the highest quality health care professionals and in ensuring appropriate salaries and working conditions for all of our staff is unconditional. Please keep up the amazing work, and we appreciate your efforts.

Legislative Budget Board Visit
Dr. Murray makes it a point to update staff on our continued efforts to educate legislative stakeholders about facility, program, and service issues as well as funding needs associated with CMC’s healthcare delivery model. Earlier this month, representatives from the Texas Legislative Budget Board visited the Central Pharmacy, Holliday, Huntsville, Estelle, and Wynne facilities. Words can’t express how proud we are of how our employees interacted with the LBB staff during their visit. Needless to say, the LLB representatives were very impressed with our accomplishments, how we handle the many challenges of correctional health care, and how well we work with our TDCJ partners to provide quality services. Many thanks to all those who participated.

Ongoing Bed Crunch
The Inpatient Services teams began 2014 facing a bed capacity at 95% at both our infirmaries and inpatient mental health facilities. On the medical side, our utilization review (UR) staff have been working with the various hospitals and facilities to properly utilize the limited number of non-permanent beds, to ensure that patients are clinically admitted to the appropriate infirmary beds, and to expedite patients being discharged from an infirmary bed into transient status so that new admissions can occur. This effort is hampered because 75% of the patients in infirmary beds are classified as “permanent” stays and because of a continuing decline in the overall health acuity of our patient population, which is at least partly associated with the percent increase of offenders aged 55 and older.

We are working with the Hospital Galveston team to open a “step-down” unit to help alleviate some of the capacity issues. We are hopeful this unit will become operational sometime in June. In addition, we are exploring options to lease some bed space at other locations to increase our infirmary capacity. More information about this effort will be available in next month’s Leadership Update.

We continue to look for ways to leverage our IT infrastructure to enhance our overall access to health care services. Many of you know that we have transitioned the dialysis patients from the Montford facility in the Texas Tech catchment area to the Estelle and Young facilities. What you may not know is that we also launched a tele-dialysis program at the same time we began to accept Texas Tech patients. This program was well received by both patients and staff.

So what’s next? Tele-infirmary rounds! In an effort to supplement the management of infirmary patients during a recent provider shortage in the Palestine area, Dr. Monte Smith conducted telemedicine infirmary rounds for the Beto and Michael patients. This tactic was so well received that we will be expanding this service to our “non-RMF” satellite infirmaries throughout CMC. Our initial efforts will involve outlying infirmaries with severe provider shortages. We are working with the outpatient team to maximize our resources.

Time Clocks
It is true. Time clocks are being relocated and installed in clinic locations throughout CMC-operated facilities (both TJJD and TDCJ). Ping testing is ongoing to make sure that all clocks are functioning, and if they are not, batteries are being ordered or new machines acquired to get this project operational. The Central Pharmacy, Jester Complex, and Carol Young facilities will participate in a pilot program that is scheduled to begin this May. Mr. Smock and I have been working closely with key members of UTMB HR, payroll, and IT departments to address as many operational issues as possible to make certain that the pilot program is successful.

We have approved an order for 7 machines for the pilot, and 400 employee badges will be manufactured. The badge ID# will be printed on the card along with the employee’s first and last name. Click here to see a preliminary drawing of what the badge will look like. More on this in our May update.

UTMB has adopted a new performance management system to streamline our process for conducting employee evaluations. ePerformance is a web-based, self-service evaluation tool that provides a standardized approach for documenting and measuring employee performance. (Please refer to the 3/14/14 update for more details.) The UR division and selected staff from the Jester complex are currently participating in the ePerformance pilot. More specific details about this new process were posted this month and more will be posted soon, so please continue to check our website for new information.


  • Ms. Jamecia Rice is now the Coordinator I of Special Programs with Inpatient Services. Her plate is full, but she is making a successful transition to her new role.
  • Congratulations to staff at the Estelle, Torres, Ney, Wynne and Skyview/Hodge complexes for all their efforts leading to successful ACA site visits. All of the units achieved 100% compliance scores, and the visiting ACA committee will be recommending reaccreditation of the facilities. The reaccreditation process will be completed this summer during commissioner panel hearings.
  • It has been a long winter for us with several areas being impacted by inclement weather. As we wrap up these time-related problems associated with freezing, icy weather, we must begin preparing for hurricane season. Nursing leadership will be making sure that updated essential staff documents are completed and on file. TDCJ will be conducting a statewide disaster drill next month (I can’t reveal the actual date) and CMC will actively participate, evaluate our performance, and develop an action plan, if necessary, to ensure that all systems are a go. Look for an update on our emergency preparedness performance in June.
  • We thank all the participants and attendees for making the 7th Academic & Health Policy Conference on Correctional Health—held in Houston on March 20 and 21—a great success. The conference allowed CMC employees from multiple facilities and disciplines to network with colleagues from other correctional systems throughout the United States. We gained some good insight into some strategies we can implement within the CMC system. These strategies include alignment of performance measures with systemic goals as well as a patient satisfaction tool that will allow CMC to compare similar measures of satisfaction with other correctional health care systems. More details will be forthcoming.
  • Letters thanking employees for their continued services with UTMB-CMC are now being sent out to staff on their anniversary hiring date. This action is a direct result of a You Count Pulse Survey suggestion. Also, the Employee Service Day ceremony will be held on the UTMB main campus May 8 for those reaching an anniversary (5-25 years) between 9/1/13 and 8/31/14. It is CMC’s intent to conduct similar ceremonies throughout our regions at around the same time as the campus ceremony. The Galveston HR office will distribute pins, certificates, gift catalogs, and other items to us. Once we receive these items, we will prepare and distribute lists of employees scheduled to be honored.
  • The CMC internal home page is being redesigned to better meet the needs of our unique workforce. We are requesting volunteers to provide us valuable and constructive feedback about the revisions being made to our site. Your participation is greatly appreciated.

Correctional health care is an unsung service that we all carry out proudly. I still get emotional when I see first-hand the great work our staff does out on the prison wings, in the clinics, infirmaries, mental health group sessions, and ER settings throughout the state. All of you reinforce my belief that the service we provide to the state is admirable, and I am honored to be able to work with you.

Anthony Williams

Mondays In March

(4/11/14) - Dr. Callender provided an institutional and financial update during the Mondays in March session held on Monday, March 31st.  Click on the links provided below to view the video and slide presentation.

The links for the video and slide presentation are on the MIM web page (

Region III, Wallace Pack Facility

(4/10/14) - Recently the Wallace Pack Facility celebrated Dental Assistant’s Week.  Of all the treats to pick from, the Dental Team selected and ice cream social!  Needless to say, every flavor was provided by the Facility Management Team as Dr. Greg Linder made sure any choice was available, all the way from Old Fashioned Vanilla to Rainbow Sherbet.  Chocolate syrup and whipped cream followed.  Needless to say the dental assistants were happy employees!  Thank you Stephanie Nunez and Lauren Burnett for being our Dental Assistants at the Wallace Pack Facility.

Pictured from left to right:  Stephanie Nunez, Dental Assistant, Greg Linder, Dentist, and Lauren Burnett, Dental Assistant


(4/9/14) - We will be performing maintenance on our servers the evening of April 15th from 8pm – 10 pm.
The maintenance being performed on the servers will cause an outage of PRS services for TDCJ and TJJD during this time.

Please notify all staff that may be affected by this outage.

HIV CONFERENCE AND MINI-FELLOWSHIP - April 28, 2014-April 29, 2014

(4/9/14) - We are excited to announce our annual HIV Conference and Mini-Fellowship!

We are pleased to announce an exciting group of speakers, all very knowledgeable and leaders in their field, from across the United States.

Topics being presented at this conference are designed to promote the integration of all aspects of HIV care. Included in these topics are diagnoses, treatment, and management of co-infections, mental health issues, and oral health challenges, as well as a review of the principles of medical ethics and its importance in the delivery of healthcare.

We hope you will be able to join us, take advantage of this educational opportunity, and network with fellow professionals in attendance.

Registration is now open at:

Conference Brochure: Click Here

Contact Information: Marsha Royder, BSN, RN @

Region III, Wallace Pack Facility

(4/8/14) - The Wallace Pack Facility Management Team is excited to announce the Employee of the Month, Cresia Howard, CID-Vocational Nurse.  Cresia has years of service and experience that is an asset to our team.  She consistently goes out of her way to ensure that patient care is at the forefront of her actions on a daily basis.  The compassion that she provides to her patient is given while she expects them to be an active part in their treatment plans.  Her ethical standards of “doing the right thing” show through daily in her decision making.  Cresia embraces the diversity of her peers and provides information and education to all that show interest in learning.  She is quick to be creative and innovative to get the job done.  Thanks Cresia for the years of service you have given and the work that you do on a daily basis to help in patient care provided at the Pack Facility.  We are glad you are a part of our family!

Rewards and Recognition Employee of the Month Ceremony
Skyview/Hodge Complex - March 27th, 2014

(4/4/14) - The rewards and recognition ceremony was held on March 27th, 2014 to recognize co-workers that were nominated for Employee of the Month for January and February 2014.   Employee of the Month winners received hot/cold cups and a framed certificate.  All nominees received a certificate of recognition. 

Three co-workers were recognized for January on the Skyview unit.  Steve Peters, MHC received the Employee of the Month award.  He was recognized for assisting several co-workers when their car broke down.  Mr. Peters stopped and pushed the broken down car into the grass and brought several employees that carpooled to the front gate in his vehicle.  The co-worker that nominated Mr. Peters said “Steve went above and beyond.  He stopped to help with others did not.  His help was greatly appreciated and I am blessed to work with him.”

Pictured above: Robin Rigsby, R&R Committee, Joy Wilson, MHC and Steve Peters, MHC
Not Pictured: Sandy McMurtry

There were two Hodge nominations for the month of February.  Gilbert Watson, MHCM received the Employee of the Month award.  Mr. Watson went above and beyond working with a client.  The client had been placed on phone restriction for 90 days and was having trouble coping.  Mr. Watson saw the client frequently to help the client cope and even allowed the offender to perform tasks around the office to occupy his mind.

Four co-workers were recognized at the Skyview unit for the month of February.  Jeremy McGee, LVN was awarded with the Employee of the Month.  He was recognized by security staff.  Here’s what they had to say about Jeremy.  “He works well with staff and with building schedules.  When he tells an offender something he follows up with them as he said he would.  Most of all, the super response to the problem on J-4.  An officer and offender were involved in an altercation.  Nurse McGee was in the ODR and went all the way to Hodge J-4 to help Hodge nursing.”

Pictured above: Robin Rigsby, R&R Committee and Gilbert Watson, MHCM
Not Pictured: Angie Shaw, LVN, Rita Corfield, LVN, Cyndy Boyce, LVN, Jeremy McGee, LVN, Denise Commander, LVN

Congratulations to EOM winners
Steve Peters, Jeremy McGee and Gilbert Watson

To All CMC employees

(4/4/14) - Over the next few months UTMB will be moving to the ePerformance evaluation program which is being implemented throughout the UT system.

As with any new program, it is possible that there will be some implementation issues and or confusion on what is needed or why we have to do things in a certain way.

In an effort to help alleviate some of these concerns as we work through this change, we will provide a monthly update on ePerformance issues with our senior leader’s updates.

Currently, ePerformance training for a pilot group within CMC has been completed and that group is working with HR on campus to finalize the first set of evaluations within the ePerformance system. I would like extend my appreciation to the Utilization Review and Jester management teams for participating in the pilot as representatives of CMC.

I would like to provide a brief initial overview of the evaluation process.

There will be 3 areas each employee is evaluated on this year:

  1. Key Performance Goals—these 3 goals will be applicable to all CMC employees and have been reviewed and approved by UTMB senior leadership.
  2. Technical Proficiency Goals- these goals will be developed by CMC senior leadership based upon each position description requirements and will reflect the same goals systemically for all individuals within a specific job code
  3. Citizenship Goals- these goals will address activities and behaviors that are in line with UTMB/CMC core values

This year instead of 5 potential ratings, DNM, OM, M, OE, CE there will only be 3 ratings possible:
            -Did not meet

One of the more positive aspects of ePerformance is that each employee will be able to provide a self-evaluation to their managers on their efforts to achieve the goals listed above.

EPerformance training will be held for our Human Resources staff next week and then we should start seeing training for our staff shortly thereafter, with a roll out of the system sometime in May or early June.

There will be much more to follow this is just an initial update on what is coming down the road. Please look for our monthly updates as we move forward.

Skyview/Hodge Complex ACA Reaccreditation Review-March 17-20, 2014

(4/4/14) - The ACA Auditors recommended Skyview/Hodge with an overall score of 99.5%!!!  An unbelievable score and a true testament to everyone’s hard work!  Warden Baker commended the auditors and the staff for making this audit the most enjoyable ACA audit he’s ever been a part of.  He thanked all of the unit staff and TDCJ Regional and other staff who assisted with walk-throughs, etc. 

The lead auditor, Mr. Denney, thanked everyone for their kindness and generosity, stating it was a pleasure to be at Skyview/Hodge.  He thanked Ms. Conway, the TDCJ ACA coordinator and to everyone else for their work in preparing files.  He indicated that the folders were probably the best they had ever seen.  He also commended the staff for their knowledge and professionalism. 

Auditor Reynolds said this was a very positive experience specifying that the files were great, the facility very clean, and that the offenders they talked with really like the programming activities.  He mentioned the Welcome Center, the facility gardens, the Fallen Officer Memorial, the Crisis Management process, the Veteran’s video, and the camaraderie amongst staff (the close family feeling) very impressive. 

Mr. Carlton (medical auditor) reminded everyone that ACA accreditation is not a given and that it is possible to fail, however, Skyview/Hodge did not.  We should never underestimate the efforts made to get where we are and that the level of compliance maintained made it easy to go through everything.  The auditors did have to debate about how the standards apply to the unique mission at the Skyview/Hodge Complex.  They were also amazed at the level of care medical and security staff take with the offenders—taking a problem population, putting everything together, and functioning well (with not one complaint from any offender regarding medical care).  He indicated that he has always known UTMB to do a great job, and they found nothing different here.  Mr. Carlton even stated that if he had been asked to move to Texas as a Warden (when he was a warden) he would have been glad to, further adding that the staff at Skyview/Hodge have much to be proud of. 

Mr. Denney added that what we do every day is something many couldn’t or wouldn’t do.  Working with the unique populations requires much patience and time.  The work done here is remarkable and is very important.  It takes everyone to have a successful audit.  The staff here make the Warden look very good!  Wonderful facility and wonderful staff! 

Scott Unit Emergency Responders Honored

(4/3/14) - The Scott Unit was recently recognized by the Angleton Area Emergency Medical Corps for an outstanding job in handling an emergency. The paramedic stated “The staff at the infirmary and the officers at the Wayne Scott Unit did an excellent job. This patient's great outcome is because of these great people. Their fast action, CPR and use of the AED saved this man's life. When we arrived on scene their willingness to help EMS in all aspects from giving a report, holding equipment and helping with patient care exceed and went above and beyond. It was a great thing to experience and see. I am forever grateful to these people. The officers on scene were willing to help carry equipment and willing to help in any way possible. At one time I looked over and an Officer was carrying out a large auto pulse, paperwork, a zip lock bag without blood draw and a medical bag. This was amazing and I thank you!”
In appreciation for those who were recognized by the Angleton Area Emergency Medical Corps and those who supported our emergency responders, a pizza party was held on March 28, 2014 for all medical staff and those in Security who responded and saved the patient’s life. A special thanks to the following emergency responders: Ms. Abraham, PA, Ms. Poindexter, RN, Ms. Payne, LVN, Capt Price, Sgt Hebert, CO Cortez, CO Tuscano and CO Olichia.

Beaumont Complex Rounding

(4/2/14) - The Beaumont Complex had some special visitors on Wednesday, March 26 at the Stiles and Gist units, respectively. These guests included: Dr. Murray, Mr. Smock, Mr. Williams, Mr. Eubank, Dr. Penn, Dr. Horton, Jason Chavers, Dr. Moultrie, Paul Brown, Tonya Campbell, Justin Robison, and even some visitors from "The Island": Dr. Ojo, Brian Hicks, Bryan Schneider, Veronica KwartengAmaning, and Ms. Rice. Dr. Murray discussed the institutional vision for the next year years outlined in "The Road Ahead" as well as gave beneficial updates on up and coming projects within CMC. Overall, the visit and talks with all guests were very informative and appreciated by the staff.

Darrington Cluster Employee of the Quarter

(4/2/14) - It is with great pleasure that the Darrington Cluster celebrates the accomplishments, dedication and hard work of the peer nominated employee of the quarter. Ms. Jackson, RN of the Darrington Unit is known for her knowledge, drive, quality patient care and ability to work with everyone within the entire medical department. During the short time that the Darrington Unit was without a full time Nurse Manager and had a shortage in the nursing staff, Ms. Jackson filled the gap. She often put in long hours covering emergencies, performing daily nursing duties, passing medications at the pill window and fulfilling her charge RN role. Ms. Jackson is greatly appreciated and a deserving recipient of Employee of the Quarter. Thank you Ms. Jackson!

Pictured Left to right: J. Keller, SPM, Ms. Jackson, RN, Ms. Bowden, RN, NM

Retirement for Kim McLearen

(4/1/14) - The day Kim McLearen, Region 1 Administrative Secretary, has been waiting for is finally here -she is retiring as of March 31st.  She has worn many hats during her time with UTMB.  Kim served as a Medical Records Tech, Secretary (unit & MH), Administrative Associate, and as a Recognition Committee member.  She will jokingly tell you that she has survived 3 RIF’s.  Kim's outgoing personality has enabled her to have many of us as friends as well as close associates.  Her experience and connections she made with all of us are irreplaceable.

Her first order of business as a retired person is a trip to visit Catalina Island with her husband and family, but she is quick to point out that many more trips will follow.  Retirement means she will be sorely missed but never, ever forgotten.    The entire UTMB family extends a heartfelt "Thank You" to Mrs. Kim McLearen for her many years of dedicated service.  We wish you a prosperous new beginning! 

Beaumont Complex March 2014 Employee of the Month and Employee Appreciation

(4/1/14) - At the March 19, 2014 Beaumont Complex Staff Meeting, several employees were recognized for their hard work and dedication to UTMB-CMC.

Jennifer Dorchuck, PA, was recognized by her peers as the Employee of the Month for the complex. She is fairly new to CMC, but has hit the ground running as soon as she started. She is an excellent provider and always strives to maintain continuity of care for her patients. She is always a "go-to" for patient related questions and is always willing to lend a hand. Recently, she converted all 360 patients on Enalapril to Lisinopril for the Complex. Keep up the great work!

The Registered Dental Assistants were also recognized for their hard work for RDA Week, which was nationally observed March 8-14. We appreciate all you do! [Pictured: Cheryl Andreu, RDA; Stormy Godeaux, RDA]

Several staff members were recognized for a multitude of things and given certificates of appreciation, including team spirit, special projects, and "going the extra mile". These employees were: Victoria Henry, CCA; Valerie Blount, CCA; Richard Hayes, Phlebotomist; Tiffany Curry, Phlebotomist; Vera Williams, CCA; Corretta Williams, LVN; and Elizabeth Shults, LVN. Thanks to all for the jobs you do!!

CMC Employee Awards Announcement 2014 Reminder Notice 3_27_14

(3/31/14 through April 4, 2014) - Click here to view Employee Awards Announcement

Welcome to Correctional Managed Care

(3/31/14) - Please join us in welcoming Leslie Merrill, Dental Hygienist for Woodman, San Saba, Halbert and Ron Jackson to UTMB CMC Region 1 Gatesville.


Please join the Huntsville Area (Region 2) in welcoming the following employees to the exciting world of Correctional Managed Care. L – R: Bridgette Jones, LVN/Polunsky and Dorothy Thompson, CMA/Ferguson.


Please join Region II – Palestine in welcoming our newest employees to Correctional Managed Care.
L-R:  Polly Nolan, LVN, Skyview; Sabrina Simmons, LVN, Cole; Cathy Avant, LVN, Skyview.

Discontinued Masking Requirements for Unvaccinated Healthcare Workers

(3/28/14) - The CDC has determined that incidence of influenza in Texas is now local, which means that outbreaks of influenza or increases in cases of influenza-like illness have occurred in a single region of the state.  This region does not include Galveston or surrounding counties.  We have not detected influenza A recently, and have had only sporadic cases of influenza B.

Effective March 31, healthcare workers who have not been vaccinated with the 2013-2014 influenza vaccine are no longer required to wear a mask when in contact with patients.

Dr. Rhyne Retirement

(3/24/14) - I regret to announce that Dr. Charles Rhyne will retire from the Lychner Facility effective March 31st.  He has served as a correctional dentist and facility dental director for 20 years.  We would like to thank him for his service to the University of Texas Medical Branch-Correctional Managed Care.  His excellent patient care and devotion to the profession of dentistry is greatly appreciated. Please join us in wishing him the very best in all his future endeavors.

Billy Horton, D.D.S., UTMB-CMC Dental Director

** Upcoming Educational Lunch and Learn Program **

(3/24/14) - Sponsored by:  UTMB CMC Virology Department & TEXAS/OKLAHOMA AIDS EDUCATION AND TRAINING CENTER

** CEUs have been approved for: CME, CNE **

Date:   March 27, 2014

Time:  12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

Title:   CROI Update – from 2014 Conference
The 2014 Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI) is a scientifically focused meeting of the world’s leading researchers working to understand, prevent, and treat HIV/AIDS and its complications. The goal of CROI is to provide a forum for translating laboratory and clinical research into progress against the AIDS epidemic. Over 4,000 leading researchers and clinicians from around the world convene in a different location each year for the Conference. 

Speaker:  Philip Keiser, MD
Dr. Keiser primary interest is in the care and treatment of HIV and its related infections. He has been actively treating HIV infected individuals for over 20 years. He is the Chairman of the Texas AIDS Drug Assistance Program Advisory Dr. Keiser has been actively involved in HIV clinical research and has been an investigator in over 50 clinical trials. Since 2006, Dr. Keiser has been involved in the U.S. President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief and has been involved in HIV clinical care, teaching and research in Kenya. He has an active clinical research program that is centered on the outcomes of patients treated with anti-retroviral medications in Central Kenya.

Format:  Levin Hall in Galveston & TeleHealth

Program Overview:  The presentation will provide a summary of the Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI) 2014.This is a leading scientific conference that provides cutting edge data to assist clinicians who treat HIV/AIDS. This year's conference will provide relevant data on when to start antiretroviral therapy, the latest on drugs in development, antiretroviral strategy, treatment management for co-morbidities, and methods for the prevention of HIV infection.
Please join us either at Levin Hall in Galveston, via Electronic Health Network (DMS), or the internet for non-UTMB employees, for an interactive presentation given by Dr. Philip Keiser.

Click here to see flyer for RSVP Instructions.

Health System Update
Donna K. Sollenberger
Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer, UTMB Health System

(3/21/14) - In case you missed Donna Sollenberger’s presentation earlier this week, the video and PowerPoint are now posted on the Mondays in March site. Please visit: To view the presentation, please use the link provided below.

Crain Facility March Employees of the Month

(3/21/14) - The Crain Facility Management Team  would like to Recognize and Congratulate the March Employees of the Month. They were presented each a $ 25.00 gift card.   We are proud to announce the following two employees:

Nichole Ferguson, Correctional Clinical Associate Mentor.  Nichole is a very dedicated employee and  takes pride in  her work. She has invaluable knowledge and is always willing to help any and everybody no matter what the task may be.  She assists  the Nurse Manager, Mental Health Managers, Medical  Director, Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistants, Breast Imaging Manager, and the Dentist.  As the unit CCA Mentor, which she wears the hat well, she is always going the extra mile with a smile.  She trains all new CCA’s and maintains her daily assignments.    She works closely with the Practice Manager, but often fills in for her fellow CCA’s when needed.  She assists with preparing for ACA, Operational Review, and has a good working relationship with the Security, and is often called by the Wardens and Crain TDCJ Rank to answer questions pertaining to medical operations on the unit.

Hope Reyes, Certified Medication Aide.  Hope steps up and organizes daily operations for the provider clinics and performs all duties flawlessly.  Hope’s peer group has identified her as a person that has gone the extra mile to ensure coverage during a fellow colleague’s time.  She has been working long days and multiple days while maintaining a constant smile, covering the provider clinics, providing pharmacy services at our pill window and assisting nursing staff with treatments.  Her constant smile and pleasant  professional demeanor helps all of the staff make it through long shifts or difficult times.

Nichole and Hope you both are outstanding individuals and you are appreciated.

About World Oral Health Day

(3/17/14) - World Oral Health Day is celebrated every year on 20th March. The theme of World Oral Health Day 2014 is ‘Celebrating Healthy Smiles’. It reflects the major contribution oral health makes to our lives. Around the world, FDI member dental associations, schools, companies and other groups will celebrate the day with events organized under this single, unifying and simple message.


CMC Finance Department Employee of the Quarter

(3/19/14) - The CMC Finance Department employee of the quarter is John Bralkowski.  Congratulations to John who is one of CMC’s Claims Processing Specialist.  He has gone above and beyond helping out the Claims department, always willing to provide the needed coverage during holidays and other critical times for the department.  Thank you for your valuable service!

Congratulations to the Wynne Unit Medical Staff!

(3/19/14) - The Wynne facility successfully passed their ACA reaccreditation audit on February 26, 2014. Medical, Mental Health, and Dental all scored 100% on their folders and the unit’s overall score was 97.7%. We want to give out special thanks to all of the Wynne unit medical staff for all of their hard work and dedication getting ready for the ACA Audit, but also because they demonstrate professionalism and determination on a daily basis. The Wynne unit management team is very fortunate and grateful to have such an awesome team!

Pi Day

(3/18/14) - On Friday, March 14, the Mark Stiles Unit celebrated “Pi Day”, headed by Ms. Shultz, LVN. Pi Day is celebrated on March 14th (3/14) around the world. Pi (Greek letter “π”) is the symbol used in mathematics to represent a constant — the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter — which is approximately 3.14159….. but all the math nerds already knew that! Staff members brought pies of all different kinds and engaged in some good clean fun. They even had some “low sugar” options for those who watch their sugar intake. All in all, it was a creative way to have a little fun on the unit.

Jester IV Employee Recognition Committee

(3/18/14) - In honor of Houston’s Rodeo, the Jester IV Employee Recognition Committee (EROC) offered employees Frito Pie on Friday, March 7th.  Everyone was encouraged to wear their western gear and to indulge in this fat-free, carbohydrate-free delight—another Jester IV magical moment!

A serious good time and refreshing break at the end of the week was enjoyed by all!

Congratulations Juliet Awuah!

(3/18/14) - Congratulations to Juliet Awuah RN at the Henley Unit, Dayton Cluster for becoming a U.S. citizen. She was sworn in at an oath ceremony on February 20, 2014 by the Department of Homeland Security Citizenship and Immigration Services. The ceremony was held at the M.O. Campbell Center in Houston Texas, she was among approximately 1000 others being sworn in. Mrs. Awuah has held a green card for 10 years and completed a tedious procedure to reach this milestone. Mrs. Awuah has worked for UTMB CMC for 5 years. Pictured is Mrs. Awuah RN and Paulette Austin RN Cluster Nurse Manager, Dayton Cluster.

Powledge Employee of the Quarter

(3/18/14) - The Powledge employee of the quarter for Jan – March 2014, is Kathy Bennett.  Congratulations to Ms. Bennett, who was selected with the following recommendation letter:   

I would like to nominate Mrs. Bennett for this.  She is always taking care of the infirmary patients, seeing that they have the things they need, not only medication wise, but otherwise.  She has a heart for everyone and really cares about all of us, a very hard worker.  I do believe she deserves this honor at this time. 

HIV CONFERENCE AND MINI-FELLOWSHIP - April 28, 2014-April 29, 2014

(3/17/14) - We are excited to announce our annual HIV Conference and Mini-Fellowship!

We are pleased to announce an exciting group of speakers, all very knowledgeable and leaders in their field, from across the United States.

Topics being presented at this conference are designed to promote the integration of all aspects of HIV care. Included in these topics are diagnoses, treatment, and management of co-infections, mental health issues, and oral health challenges, as well as a review of the principles of medical ethics and its importance in the delivery of healthcare.

We hope you will be able to join us, take advantage of this educational opportunity, and network with fellow professionals in attendance.

Registration is now open at:

Conference Brochure: Click Here

Contact Information: Marsha Royder, BSN, RN @

Executive Management Visits Briscoe and Cotulla Complex

(3/17/14) -Dr. Owen Murray, Steve Smock, Tony Williams, Dr. Susan Morris, Earl Jarrett and Larry Saenz all visited the Briscoe and Cotulla Complex on Thursday February 20, 2014.  The visit was very informative and highlighted many upcoming changes and improvements to equipment and policies that UTMB CMC will implement.  Also discussed, was the Legislative Appropriation Request process and what management want to try to gain for UTMB CMC throughout this upcoming process. The employees had questions and comments for the executive management team and they were happy to be able to have a face to face Q&A.

During the visit several employees were honored for going above and beyond (pictured below).

Briscoe from left to right.  Dr. Murray-VP, Gladys Salcedo-RDA, Tony Williams-AVP, Elma Sandate-CMA, Steve Smock- AVP and Sandy Obregon-CCA

Cotulla from left to right.  Dr. Murray-VP, Elda Quintanilla-CCA, Steve Smock-AVP, Mayra Hernandez-LVN, (back) Rebecca Noland-PM, Martha Johnson-NM and Tony Williams-AVP

Hilltop Employee of the Quarter

(3/17/14) - The Hilltop staff recognized Barbara LeCompte, CCA for being selected by her peers as Employee of the Quarter during a luncheon on 2/26/14!  Ms. LeCompte received 7 of the 11 nominations that were submitted!  Every one of her nominations mentioned her willingness to help.  She is a hard worker who is dedicated to the assisting the department fulfill our mission and always has a smile on her face.   The Hilltop Management team would like to congratulate Ms. LeCompte for this recognition and thank her for all she does for the unit everyday!

Barbara Lecompte, CCA and Angie Buro, SPM

Welcome to Correctional Managed Care

(3/17/14) - Please join Region II – Palestine in welcoming our newest employees to Correctional Managed Care.

Back Row L-R:  John Morgan, Dentist, Skyview; Faye Wright, MLP, Cole; Stephanie O’Hare, CMA, Beto; Alice Howard, CMA, Beto; Stephanie Simmons, LVN, Beto; Sheree Hubbard, LVN, Boyd.

Front Row L-R:  Terri Goodenberger, Dental Assistant, Beto; Cace Stover, CMA, Hodge; Shanna Street, CCA, Gurney; Nancy Tang, MLP, Boyd; Toni May, CMA, Beto.


Please join us in welcoming the following new employees to UTMB CMC Region 1 Gatesville.

L to R: Sylvestre Barco - CCA - John Sherro (San Saba) and Katie Roberts - MHC - Marlin


Please join the Huntsville Area (Region 2) in welcoming the following employees to the exciting world of Correctional Managed Care. Back Row (L – R): Pamela McGinty, Pharmacy Technologist/CMC Pharmacy, Ashley Jones, CMA/Polunsky, Soraya Johnson, RN/Polunsky, Shonah Bonner, LVN/Polunsky and Justin Smith, PCT/Estelle. Front Row (L-R): Maurice Belizare, EMT/PECC, Ashley Humphrey, PCT/Estelle, Johnta Williams, PCT/Estelle, Latacha Briggs, Dialysis PCT/Estelle, Kimberly Leonard, CCA/Byrd and Anitra Lindley, PM/Wynne.


Please join UTMB- CMC, Region III - Beaumont in welcoming newest employees hired on 3/10/2014  for the Dayton Complex.

(L-R)  Sonona Ellis, LVN; Laronda Jackson, CCA; Myra Lavergne, NC III

HG/Cerner Laboratory

(3/14/14) - All facilities using the HG/Cerner laboratory should not order or draw any specimen on Friday for CD4 - CD8  TBNK because the flow lab is not typically open on the weekend .


(3/14/14) - It is my pleasure to provide the second installment of CMC’s Senior Leadership Update Series. I would like to share what we in Outpatient Operations have accomplished these first few months of the fiscal year as well as some of our ongoing activities and several interesting plans for the rest of the fiscal year.

While rounding throughout the state, I am always amazed by the talent and commitment of the staff in meeting the day-to-day challenges of our patients and overcoming some pretty extreme challenges to quality healthcare delivery. So I want to give a special shout-out to all of you working on the facilities for your dedication to your patients’ care and for striving to fulfill the mission and goals of UTMB and CMC. Without your superb efforts, we would never be able to achieve the outstanding outcomes for the state of Texas or deliver the exceptional care we provide. Kudos to you.

In general, we hire about 40 employees per month, so we have added approximately 150-200 new employees so far this fiscal year. To them, I would like to say, ”Welcome and thanks for picking our Team.” I believe you will find your new position, whether in management or not, to be one of the most challenging, rewarding, and interesting positions in your professional career. I look forward to seeing your successes within our operations.

We are all committed to attracting and retaining the highest quality health care professionals and in ensuring appropriate salaries and working conditions for all of our staff. Keep up the amazing work and we appreciate your efforts.

Oftentimes in the daily rush to meet all of the many tasks we have, it is easy to forget the many positive outcomes we obtain, so I would like to take a moment and share some of your truly remarkable achievements.

Access to Care: So far this fiscal year, all units have attained an overall aggregate score above 97% on all 9 indicators.

Diabetes Focus Program: This year one of our significant clinical focuses is improving diabetic care. To date, your units have provided foot examinations and patient education to 98% of the target group and, between Hospital Galveston and our CMC ophthalmology group at Estelle, we have offered the opportunity for retinal examinations to 64% of the target group, with the reminder scheduled between now and June 2014.

Hub Operations: We continue to manage and utilize the hub approach to provide medical services to about 6,500-7,500 patients annually. Approximately 70% of those patients are returned to their unit of assignment following hub services. The use of hub operations ensures that patient care is never compromised and reduces public safety concerns, TDCJ expenses, and expenses for free world care by approximately $4 million per year. We appreciate the efforts of our health care professionals in providing appropriate care while still managing these efforts.

Patient Encounters: For the first 5 months of this fiscal year, we have provided the following patient services in our facilities:

Medicine................... 135,000 visits
Nursing..................... 2,621,675 patient encounters
Dental....................... 76,750 visits
Mental health............. 77,859 outpatient treatments

More than 2.9 million patient encounters in a 5-month period will equate to an annual service provision of almost 7 million encounters. A rather large healthcare delivery system by any standards, but I believe again that we often don’t realize the tremendous service level we provide. I hope each of you take a moment to slap yourselves on the back and say, “We really do an amazing job!”

The most recent You Count! Pulse Survey identified two specific issues within our organization that need to be addressed: (1) the need to improve communication between front-line staff, mid-management, and senior management and (2) the need to enhance recognition of employees who go above and beyond their required duties. Earlier this fiscal year, local facility leaders were asked to meet with staff and provide senior leadership at UTMB and CMC with suggestions for opportunities to make improvements in these two areas. The suggestions we received were exceptional, and many of them will be implemented this fiscal year, including the following:

  • A more robust rewards program that will allow for facility, regional, and system-wide recognition of our many outstanding employees through a nomination process that will culminate in a CMC award winner who will be recognized at our annual conference.
  • Implementation of a senior leaders rounding program by geographic areas to allow for more communication and interaction between employees and management, which will provide more opportunities for improvement.
  • Less whirlwind, town hall type rounding and more “fireside chat” rounding, where we all have a chance to truly communicate and share ideas and issues with each other.

These are just a few examples of the activities planned for the upcoming year. In addition, Ms. McGrew, vice president and chief operating officer of the UTMB Health System, and Dr Murray  have decided to reward those units that presented exceptional ideas with the opportunity to have a luncheon celebration. The suggestions from all units have been reviewed by a senior leadership committee and, with Dr. Murray’s approval, I get to steal the thunder in this column and announce the winners:

Small Outpatient Unit – Lindsey
Medium Outpatient Unit – Willacy
Large Outpatient Unit – Hutchins
Inpatient Unit – Skyview/Hodge
Support Services – Pharmacy
TJJD – Mart

Managers will receive guidance on how to schedule and fund these events from regional leadership in the near future.


  • The TB skin testing program for UTMB-CMC employees was approved and kicked off in late February. This will ensure timely screening of all new and current employees.
  • The radiology roll-out for computed radiography continues to move forward swiftly. By the time this update is published, I would expect that we will have almost 17 units installed. Kudos to Clinical Support Services and IT leadership for their efforts.
  • Human Resources will be rolling out an ePerformance tool this spring that will allow all of us to complete our annual evaluations online for fiscal year 2014. Once this exceptional system is implemented, employees will have the opportunity to do an individual evaluation to submit to their supervisor. What a great opportunity to brag about your work and ensure your supervisor remembers all the great things you’ve done this year. I’d recommend you start to put together your “brag sheet” now, so we can get started promptly once we complete training.
  • UTMB mandatory annual training deadlines are approaching, so I would ask that all of you try to get this completed before the end of May.

Finally, I would like to say, “ICE BEGONE.” We have certainly had a challenging winter season this year, but due to the strong efforts of our nursing leadership and you, our excellent employees, we have been able to overcome these challenges and continue to provide the necessary care to our patients under these less than optimal conditions. Thank you to all who made this happen.

I hope you found this information helpful and informative but mostly, I hope that you all take a moment and reflect on how well you do your job. Be proud of all you do for CMC, UTMB, the State of Texas and our patients! See you on your unit soon.

Steve Smock

Welcome to Jester IV

(3/14/14) - The staff of Jester IV are pleased to welcome Tammy Souter, RN APRN, PMH NP BC; board certified mental health nurse practitioner to the UTMB-CMC family.  Prior to joining Jester IV Ms. Souter worked for Austin Recovery, a premier substance abuse treatment program.  She also has experience working for the Menninger Clinic, Harris County Psychiatric Center, and the University of Texas Center for Neurobehavioral Research on Addictions.

At Jester IV, Ms. Souter is providing psychiatric services for the Mood Disorders Program and the Partial Remission Psychotic Disorders Program. 

Ms. Souter obtained her Master of Nursing Practice Degree from the University of Texas at Houston Health Science Center School of Nursing.  She also has a Bachelor’s Degree in Sculpture from the University of Houston.

We are fortunate to have a provider with Ms. Souter’s experience and training.

Mondays in March

(3/11/14) - In response to comments to the EAC by CMC staff regarding access to “Mondays in March” presentations, a link has been provided that should work for all CMC staff.  The next “Mondays in March” presentation is on Monday, March 17, 2014.  The presentation will be recorded and available through the link following that presentation.  This link should also work for any future “Mondays in March” presentations.

CMC Employee Recognition Awards

(3/10/14) - It is that time again for the CMC Employee Recognition Awards!  Last year, CMC Executive Leadership formed an Employee Recognition Committee to reinstitute the annual employee awards program.  The purpose of the employee recognition program is to recognize the outstanding contributions of our staff towards achieving the mission of Correctional Managed Care.  The primary criteria for consideration for these awards are service and job performance that goes above and beyond the daily work of the individual. 

Please take the time to complete a nomination form to recognize your peers.  There are some important changes in the program from last year regarding how nominations should be submitted (Table 1).  Unit-based staff should submit nomination forms to their Facility Management Team by Friday, April 4, 2014.  Facility Management Teams will then select and recognize 1st, 2nd, and 3rd finalists for each award category.  Facility Management Teams will then submit the names of the winners (1st place only) for each category to their Regional Management Team by Friday, May 16, 2014.  Regional Teams will then select and recognize 1st, 2nd, and 3rd finalists for their respective region.  Then Regional Teams will submit the names of the winners (1st place only) for each category to the CMC Employee Recognition Committee (send to Janet Gonzalez at for final selection of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place CMC finalists.  CMC finalists will be announced at the CMC Annual Conference on August, 12, 2014. 

If you work outside of a prison facility (e.g., Finance, HR, CMC IS, PECC, MH Hubs, BOT warehouse, Pharmacy, administration offices, Value Options), please submit nominations to Ms. Judy Norris at by no later than Friday, May 16, 2014 (Table 2).  A selection committee will select and recognize 1st, 2nd, and 3rd finalists for each category.  This selection committee will then submit the names of the winners from each category to the CMC Employee Recognition Committee (send to Janet Gonzalez at   The winners for non-unit based employees will be included in the pool with unit-based staff for final selection of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place CMC finalists.   As noted above, CMC finalists will be announced at the CMC Annual Conference on August 12, 2014.  

Table 1.  Unit-Based Employee Process for Submitting Award Nominations




Employee submits nomination form to Unit Management Team

Friday, April 4, 2014


Unit Management Team selects finalists and submits unit winners (1st place only) for each category to Regional Management Team

Friday, May 16, 2014

Unit Management Team recognizes 1st, 2nd and 3rd finalists for each category

Regional Teams select regional finalists and submit winners (1st place only) for each category to CMC Employee Recognition Committee (send to Janet Gonzalez at

Friday, June 20, 2014

Regional Teams recognize 1st, 2nd and 3rd finalists for each category. 

CMC Finalists are announced at Annual CMC Conference on August 12, 2014. 


Table 2.  Non-Unit Based Employee Process for Submitting Award Nominations




Employees submit nominations to Ms. Judy Norris at

Friday, May 16, 2014

Selection Committee recognizes 1st, 2nd and 3rd finalists for each category

Selection Committee for non-unit based employees submit winners (1st place only) for each category to CMC Employee Recognition Committee (send to Janet Gonzalez at

Friday, June 20, 2014

CMC Finalists are announced at Annual CMC Conference on August 12, 2014

All full time employees employed for at least 12 months are eligible except the Selection Committee.  Any full time employee may make a nomination.  Employees may not self-nominate.  Anonymous nomination letters and letters with incomplete information will not be considered. 

Click here to access the nomination form for award categories and criteria for each award. 

Region III, O.L. Luther Facility

(3/7/14) - The O.L. Luther Facility Management Team is proud to announce the Employee of the Month as Janice Ervin, Certified Medication Aide.  Janice’s peer group has identified her as a person that has gone the extra mile to ensure coverage was provided during a fellow colleague’s time out due to family medical leave.  She has been working long days and multiple days while maintaining a constant smile, covering the front admission’s desk, ensuring inpatient needs were met, and providing pharmacy services at our pill window.  We entrust that employees do their job, however, when they step up and cover during vacancies, other staff members out due to emergent reasons, we would like to just say thank you.  Thank you Janice that you did your job and covered someone else’s job with conviction and no hesitation.  Your constant smile and pleasant professional demeanor helps all of us make it through long shifts or difficult times.  You are appreciated.


(3/5/14) - The following course has been added to the CLP. 
Providers who were unable to attend the live webinar should complete the CLP course no later than May 31, 2014. 

Hepatitis C Provider In-service (1hr)  -  Update on Recent Changes to the Hepatitis C Policy and What the Primary Care Provider Should Know

This program provides an update on the revised Infection Control Policy B14.13.3, Hepatitis C Policy, as well newer treatment options for Hepatitis C. The program will familiarize the participant with HCV screening recommendations, initial assessment for the newly diagnosed patient, referral criteria for HCV treatment, essential chronic care monitoring and documentation for both HCV and ESLD, patient education resources, and treatment options and adverse effects.

Region III, O.L. Luther Facility

(3/5/14) - The O.L. Luther Facility would like to congratulate Maria Pfeffer, Vocational Nurse.  Maria is a staff member that goes out of her was to ensure that patients are receiving the best care we can offer.  She is considerate, kind and goes the extra mile to demonstrate compassion to our patients.  Her ability to hold high ethical and moral standards, provides an example for others to follow.  Maria is a leader that challenges others to be professional.  She embraces diversity and we value her contributions to our facility.  Maria is patient to explain to others in a clear concise manner for others to benefit from her communications.  She is always willing to provide interpretation for Spanish Speaking patients.  Maria encourages others to seek the right solution to any problem that may arise.  Thank you Maria for being our Employee of the Month.

Pictured with Maria, to the left of her is Norma Mason, Cluster Nurse Manager

Welcome to Correctional Managed Care

(3/5/14) - Please join Region II – Palestine in welcoming our newest employees to Correctional Managed Care.

L-R:  Manuel Villarreal, MHC, Michael; Joseph Tretta, Physician II, Beto; Tammy Powell, CMA, Beto; Lori Duphorne, LVN, Skyview; Daniel Udoh, LVN, Hutchins


Please join the Huntsville Area (Region 2) in welcoming the following employees to the exciting world of Correctional Managed Care. Back Row (L – R): Crystal Morris, Phlebotomist II/Byrd, Sharon Parker, CMA/Estelle, Joshua Randall, Dialysis PCT/Estelle, Melanie Alvarado, MLP/Eastham and Natysha Elijah, LVN/Ellis. Front Row (L-R): Sheronda McCullough, PCT/Estelle, Rebecca Holler, CCA/Luther, and Denise Barnes-Little, LVN/Pack. Not pictured – Kirby Butler, LVN/Byrd.


Please join UTMB- CMC Region I (Beeville) in welcoming our February 2014 new hires to UTMB - CMC. (Hire date 2/10) – Marla Flores, LVN – Lopez; Tomasa Arredondo, CCA – Dominguez; Alison Patterson, CMA – McConnell; Patsy Villarreal, CMA – McConnell; Christina Quintanilla, CMA – McConnell;  (Hire date 2/24 Maria Cordero, LVN – Willacy - Welcome All to UTMB – Correctional Managed Care! 

System Wide Update

(3/4/14) - Beginning Wednesday, March 5, 2014, in support of the Windows 7 desktop operating system deployment, all CMC desktop computers will have the Windows Classic Theme enforced by GPO. The Windows Classic Theme will change the task bar to gray as shown below. This change will affect both Windows XP and Windows 7.

IS CMC Tech Ops


(3/1/14) - The following facilities will not have access to PEARL, EMERALD, PRS, CMCWEB, TDCJ Mainframe, PARKLAND WEB, and any other servers from 0001 (one minute after midnight) to 0600 on March 4, 2014: Estes, Hughes, Dawson, Murray, Hilltop, Mt. View, Crain, Powledge, Beto Michael, Bridgeport, Cole, C Moore, Hutchins, Dallas County, Lindsey, Coffield, Gurney, and Woodman.

Please notify all staff and make appropriate down-time preparations.

New ePerformance evaluation tool coming soon

(3/1/14) - UTMB Health has adopted a new performance management system to streamline our process for conducting employee evaluations. ePerformance is a web-based, self-service evaluation tool that provides a standardized approach for documenting and measuring employee performance.  Click here to read the entire article.

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